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It is undeniable that knowledge of at least one foreign language makes life much easier. Despite its most populous population namely China, English is the dominant language in the rest of the world. Many of the borrowings from this language show how the leading form of communication is in the evolution of Europe and the world. The requirement of free speech or at least the communicative form of English has entered the standards of a well-paid job market. Apart from one’s own beliefs as to whether it is worth knowing English or any other language, it is worth knowing it for purely material reasons. However, not all of us are brave enough to participate in programs of large language groups and try to develop our skills in speaking or writing a foreign language.

On the other hand, the other part of those who prefer to learn in silence and alone does not always have that much determination. Achieving the expected results can therefore be difficult. What to do and what are the alternative methods of learning English? Alpha Lingmind is the answer to this question. Laziness is your strong point? Great, now look at how this method works…

As time goes by, the words get out

This is one of the more common arguments heard when verifying the level of a foreign language. Despite the fact that the English language surrounds us everywhere, without much determination, it’s difficult to get the words in. Hours of learning and proper preparation of brain space are two basic factors that are usually neglected. It is known that a relaxed brain is an active brain, a natural recordable knowledge lymph disk. During an 8-hour work, everyday it is  hard to talk about effective learning and open mind. The placebo effect in the form of a few memorized expressions will be quickly tested with a real attempt to talk using a communicator or with a real person. During such attempts, words, style and grammar simply escape. Going back to the core of learning… Learning has to start from the inside!

Acquire knowledge without limits

This is the term that best describes the method used in the Alpha Lingmind course. Why are there so many possibilities? The secret lies in the patented 25-minute lesson unit. It begins and ends in a very unusual way. Namely – the first 5 minutes are the so-called warm-up before learning, which is supported by special background sounds marked as binaural beats. Similarly, to the beginning – the last five minutes are a record of effects also using the same pattern.

English Binaural System – because that is the name of this method is an innovative way that saw the light of day at the end of 2019. A study conducted in one of Boston’s research centers clearly shows that the effectiveness of science with complementary products is up to 98%. Quantitative tests were conducted only on people who either did not speak English at all, or who marked their capabilities at the intermediate/advanced level. The results are presented in the following summary table

Group/effectsAssimilability of new wordsAverage test result for each moduleSubjective assessment of improved language skills
Beginner group+ 67,5%8,8/10Very good
Other/alternative method+37%5,5/10Good

Where subjective assessment of the improvement of language skills was possible from among weak/good/very good/perfect.

When I can use the effective science from Alpha Lingmind?

Who, when and why are the three most important questions on the basis of which Alpha Lingmind’s way of learning was developed. The answer to each of these questions is:

Alpha Lingmind, based on the innovative English Binaural System method (synchronous rumbles), is an effective way of learning English for anyone who doesn’t speak even the slightest bit of the language, or who speaks English in a basic or intermediate way. The Alpha Lingmind course is an equal opportunity product. Regardless of gender, age or cultural affiliation, synchronous rumbles will work the same. The extraordinary effectiveness of this method is achieved by the human ear. The ear is responsible for the correct recording of sounds and controlling the “mood” of the human brain.

Transforming the unified sound in the form of synchronous beats translates into relaxation and increased brain activity during learning. Alpha Lingmind gives the possibility of effective learning to anyone who finds only 75 minutes per week in their schedule. Positive recommendations from many European countries confirm that age and adversity are not an insurmountable obstacle. And when will you need English? Every day! Broaden your horizons, gain the courage to speak, get to know the world, new people and, above all, improve your qualifications, which will directly translate into your salary.

Alpha Lingmind – opinions

„Commitment, stubbornness, determination, and hanging fiches everywhere is not a way for me. Fortunately, I have found a way to learn which suits me well. The only guarantee of success here is regularity (please do not mess it with everyday life). Continuous learning of anything by force has never led me to the heights of knowledge. Alpha Lingmind is learning only 3 times a week. It is not long, but at the same time it is pleasant and effective. I’m in the middle of topics from the second album, I’ve already mastered almost 3000 words, which I like to use on various conversations, e.g. messenger, what’s up. The subconscious pleasant learning from Alpha Lingmind is something for me.”. Said Sandra, 24 years old.

The male part speaks clear…

The text itself is quite easy to translate and understand nowadays, but it is hard to express yourself. Stuttering, constant pauses in speaking – it does not look good. I work in the IT industry, English is the basis, I have achieved perfection with Alpha Lingmind, and I listen to binaural beats in cases of other learning. This is a revelation! – Jeremy, 34

the slightly older customers also have a positive opinion of Alpha Lingmind:

I’ve recently become a grandmother. My offspring are already in the United States for almost 10 years and earn well there. I remember that their road there wasn’t paved with roses, but a few people there helped them, and they gradually began to learn the language. Their daughter born there is only learning English, and from year to year my contact with her was blurred because of the language barrier. I am too old, and I was a little too ashamed to partake in group lessons. I bought Alpha Lingmind and we started talking over Skype more and more. My days have more sunshine when I can listen to what my dear granddaughter has to say to me.” – Janina, 63

American recommendations of the Alpha Lingmind method

Recently, the well-known system of synchronous rumbles, was studied by American scientists. The science, contrary to appearances of simple English, is quite specific. It is hard for the European nations to eradicate the intrusions or habits from their native alphabets and grammar. This causes quite a lot of complications. Learning English should be as simple as using it in practice! So, we had to invent a method that will stimulate the maximum number of cognitive centers. The inventor of the Alpha Lingmind course using the 5+15+5+5 three-phase approach did it perfectly.

Learning English with this technique is like doing a perfect sprinter training. We warm up, open to new knowledge, the brain is saturated with an appropriate, intensive dose of vocabulary and rules and then this process is consolidated. Just like the achievements of the best athletes before the competition, customers can pursue their travel or business passions with the help of Alpha Lingmind.

Important note:
The research of the independent ECMP center clearly shows the impact of foreign language skills (based on English) on the type of contract and salary. The European Job Observatory has clearly defined that an important advantage during the recruitment process in a company is an intermediate level of English. It turns out that even a high level of education and extensive experience is not enough to noticeably influence the decision to hire, promote or raise a company. In the former, if you have a good command of the language, you have the green light and priority on the world’s labor markets.

Alpha Lingmind it’s a three-phase study of the English language

The duration of the course depends on your personal capabilities. Considering the results of research and average involvement, the manufacturer has determined the recommended form of learning:

  • The most effective time of the entire course: 90 days.
  • Material worked: All 36 lessons (including repetition lessons).
  • Learning frequency during the week: 3x after maximum 25 minutes.

What do the different phases of learning mean?

  • First phase: getting used to Binaural Beats with the background of relaxing music. This phase enhances the brain’s perception of stimuli. Faster neutron transmission is supposed to cause greater concentration and awareness. The above-mentioned sounds are a special frequency, which puts you in a state of relaxation and then ready for action. It is a 5-minute warm-up called the “immersion” phase. Each disc has an appropriately matched frequency and type of sounds to its list of topics.
  • Second phase: an active learning process. Each of the 36 available lessons is saturated with a range of life situations. It is not only thoughtless knocking and repeating recorded sequences. The course was created with the best possible absorption rate in mind. Moreover, it gives a sense of certainty, which results in more and more bold initiation of dialogues. Listened to recordings which are not strict grammatical rules, but practical forms of English. To make things easier, most of the exercises will consist in imitating conversations with which you will be able to find yourself abroad or in a multicultural environment. The following topics have their own stories, in which you have to get involved and find yourself. Alpha Lingmind is not a soulless voice, but an interlocutor through whom you have to get used to the voice of a third party.
  • Third phase: that is to say, the exit. That’s the last five minutes of your assimilation. Similar to the “immersion” phase, a smooth exit takes place with Binaural Beats on. Thanks to active relaxation, this is the moment to remember the whole sequence of sentences, dialogues and exercises.

Once again… Why use the Alpha Lingmind method?

The whole course is based on 1300 sentences. They are contained in every possible form, that is: questions, answers, sound and written form. Average, statistically, a sentence from Alpha Lingmind has 16 words. 16 x 1300 words are nearly 21,000 words seen and heard. Practical vocabulary for free communication abroad is limited to only 2000 units. Completion of the course involves not only the awareness of well-done work, but also a great deal of material. Considering the repetitiveness of words and less predisposition to memorize than 80%, most clients will still be able to have an extensive conversation in English. Experiences and expectations will be supported by dry numbers in the form of learned words, and this is the most important in everyday use of English!

Components of the course

CDs with a compendium of knowledge and a form of voice learning in the form of complementary dialogues. The CD is composed of 12 issues arranged in terms of advancement and thematic hierarchy. Dialogues and voice exercises are recorded in mp3 format. The knowledge compendium contained on the CD is a popular pdf format, which you can open by default on any computer or even phone.

Detailed specification of the Alpha Lingmind compendium:

  • Introduction, getting familiar with the English Binaural System method.
  • A detailed presentation of the entire course content that the client will receive.
  • Presentation of the most important issue on which the whole course is based, namely: Binaural Beats. Explaining the principle of operation.
  • A clear instruction manual.
  • Subsequent translation of the dialogue phrases that the client uses in the lessons.
  • disc number 1 contains 83 pages of a compendium of knowledge, the second part 84 pages, and the third one as many as 100 pages of practical knowledge

The additional element is  LPB (Language Power Book) which is a book that completes the knowledge from the current material being processed. A5 format, 48 pages long. The content of all exercises and solutions is only in English. The subsequent stages of the course are consistent and perfectly complemented with the practical exercises contained in Language Power Book. Most of the tasks are based on previously heard dialogues.

Click here and download the list of topics on CDs.

Frequently asked questions about the Alpha Lingmind course

I'm determined to buy, if there are any hidden payments in addition to the records?

No, you get a full English course (3 CDs + book). There are no hidden payments or additional subscriptions.

Who is the Alpha Lingmind course for? I don't speak English at all.

For anyone who wants to develop their English language skills and has never had the talent, time or determination to do so.

How much time is needed for the first effects?

The first noticeable effects should be visible in less than 14 days of systematic use. The recommended learning time is no more, nor less than 25 minutes per day 3x a week. Many people declare that they see significant improvement already after the first lessons.

I never had the talent to learn a language. Will Alpha Lingmind help?

You certainly never learned effectively. The correct, traditional learning consists of a lot of factors. From the time of day to the disposition and even the biometer. But if, after many attempts, you still think you don't have a language, then Alpha Lingmind is something completely different. First of all, it is a method that stimulates the brain to intensive perception, secondly, it is an accessible form of learning and thirdly, it is recommended by users from over 10 European countries.

What is the form of the course you receive?

Each client receives an ordered course in physical form. There is an additional question as to why the name of individual plates and elements is written on them: English Binaural System? - This is the name of the method used. The whole course is 3 CDs + a book, which is offered under the name Alpha Lingmind.

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  1. Is this method useful for people that can speak in English pretty well already? Let`s say for someone who can speak in English on an advanced level but want to improve their intonation and get rid of their foreign accent? Are these recordings/lessons are in American(GENAM) or in British accent(RP maybe?) ? Thanks in advance, Alisha

    1. English Binaural System,
      Is this for someone who can speak English but with strong accent?
      Thank you

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